Visualizing architecture for the future.

MOGAMMA is an Architectural Visualisation agency dedicated to bringing unbuilt spaces to life through photo-realistic imagery, video and animation.

We work with Australia’s most forward thinking architects, designers and developers to build evocative experiences that explore the possibilities, vision and potential of the yet to be made — in meticulous, stunning detail.





Cultural & Public Realm

Cultural & Public Realm


MOGAMMA offers an array of services designed to package and present developments with an impeccable suite of sales and marketing materials. From still imagery to virtual reality, we are always interested in showcasing projects in a light that excites and holds your attention, for the highest level of engagement.


Still Imagery

We are an award winning studio, with streamlined processes that enable us to actualise ambitious concepts with flair and efficiency.

With over 15 years of experience in the team, our images continue to impress and capture people’s imagination. From gallery exhibitions to beachside living, forward-thinking workspaces to neighbourhood activations – whatever the setting, MOGAMMA turns every possibility into a new exciting reality.

We take the time to fully understand your project’s identity, style, unique selling points and target audience, because in a discerning market it’s the details that make all the difference.

Collaboration is at the heart of how we work, and understanding the needs of all stakeholders involved and being a part of the conversation not only creates a more personable and enjoyable process, but it ensures we hit the mark every time.


From atmospheric animations to dramatic walkthroughs, moving images lets you show the look and feel of a design in a truly emotive and immersive way. We can manage all elements of film production, organize styling and talent, and incorporate drone and helicopter footage to create compelling films that seamlessly combine both real live footage and CG animation.


Our in-house stylist ensures every image looks contemporary, fresh and desirable from every angle. Whether we’re independently dressing an interior or working collaboratively with a projects’ creative team, we pride ourselves on adding a sophisticated level of expertise to the creative vision of an image. We understand the subtleties of materials, placement and selection of objects and the importance of letting the interior design breathe life into a space.

We offer detailed design proposals complete with materials and items that speak directly to the target demographics and show an intimate understanding of your project – seamlessly integrating a bespoke and inspiring style with the architectural intent.

Architectural Photography

Exceptional photo-montages begin with exceptional photography. We have a close working relationship with highly skilled architectural photographers who can deliver the imagery we need as well as shoot time-lapses, panoramas and lifestyle shots for marketing materials.

Virtual Reality

Nothing shows the exact feeling (and functionality) of an unbuilt space like immersive media. We employ cutting edge virtual and augmented reality technology to create complete immersive experiences that allow your clients to engage and interact with the layout, scale, lighting and detail of your design.


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 City of Sydney
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