Revealing unbuilt forms in their best light.

MOGAMMA is an Architectural Visualisation agency dedicated to bringing unbuilt spaces to life through photo-realistic imagery, video and animation.

We work with Australia’s most forward thinking architects, designers and developers to build evocative experiences that explore the possibilities, vision and potential of the yet to be made — in meticulous, stunning detail.

PS1 — Space Exploration
Powerhouse Parramatta
Sydney, Australia

Architecture By Moreau Kusunoki & Genton Architects

<p>PS1 — Space Exploration<br />
Powerhouse Parramatta<br />
Sydney, Australia</p>
<p>Architecture By Moreau Kusunoki & Genton Architects<br />

Residential Styling
MOGAMMA internal portfolio work

Styling by Anouska Milstein

<p>Residential Styling<br />
MOGAMMA internal portfolio work</p>
<p>Styling by Anouska Milstein<br />

Residential Styling
MOGAMMA internal portfolio work

Styling by Anouska Milstein

<p>Residential Styling<br />
MOGAMMA internal portfolio work</p>
<p>Styling by Anouska Milstein<br />

Royal Naval House
Sydney, Australia

Interior Design By Hammond Studio

<p>Royal Naval House<br />
Sydney, Australia</p>
<p>Interior Design By Hammond Studio<br />

Central Station
Sydney, Australia

Architecture By FK & TZG

<p>Central Station<br />
Sydney, Australia</p>
<p>Architecture By FK & TZG<br />





Public Realm

Public Realm

Cultural & Educational

Cultural & Educational


MOGAMMA is a boutique Architectural Visualisation practice with studios in Sydney and Melbourne. We work as a tight knit team on every project to ensure communication, accuracy and attention to detail are paramount.

The impressive blend of skills at our senior level maintains a rigour in our processes, consistently resulting in work that clearly demonstrates how we understand the technical and creative intricacies that go into each development.

We continue to grow our team of in-house artists with some of the most talented and driven individuals in our industry. Initiatives such as our in-house mentor program, all-hands creative review for all output, weekly creative & technical R&D presentations/discussions, are all designed to ensure every member of the MOGAMMA family are working in a stimulating, challenging, fun and rewarding environment, always developing as artists, as individuals and as a team.


Peter Letten Peter Letten Peter Letten Peter Letten Peter Letten Peter Letten Peter Letten Peter Letten Peter Letten Peter Letten Peter Letten

Peter Letten


Peter’s roots in the Architectural Visualisation world run deep as one of the founders of the fledgling industry in South Africa in the early 2000’s.

In 2007 Peter moved to Sydney where he continued to develop his skill sets as an artist, creative, technical, project and team lead. Since founding MOGAMMA in 2013 Peter has grown the company into a highly regarded and sought after visualisation studio for projects of all scopes, enjoying close working partnerships with some of Australia’s most prominent and forward thinking architects, designers and developers.

As managing director of MOGAMMA, Peter brings a holistic perspective, a wealth of creative and technical expertise, strategic savvy and the ability to make the complex run smoothly. Out of office, Pete’s a keen collector of distinctive surfcraft and speaker of Quebec-style French.

Martin Houra Martin Houra Martin Houra Martin Houra Martin Houra Martin Houra Martin Houra Martin Houra Martin Houra Martin Houra Martin Houra Martin Houra

Martin Houra


Martin leads the creative direction across MOGAMMA by applying his impeccable craftsmanship, cutting edge techniques and global experience to oversee, execute and maintain exceptional quality of output from the studio.

Martin has refined his skills working across Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the US with some of the world’s biggest brands and architectural developments. Beyond pure Architectural Visualisation he has led and produced award winning advertising campaigns for clients including BMW, Volkswagen, Vodafone, Lego and McDonald’s.

Martin has a real passion for architecture and is always looking for unique ways to approach a design. Above all, he understands what it takes to direct and create both photo-real and imaginative imagery that catches the eye and makes a statement.

Even in his spare time he’s experimenting with sound waves and NFTs, which his toddler and golden retriever find highly entertaining.

Donatas Ruksenas Donatas Ruksenas Donatas Ruksenas Donatas Ruksenas Donatas Ruksenas Donatas Ruksenas Donatas Ruksenas Donatas Ruksenas Donatas Ruksenas Donatas Ruksenas Donatas Ruksenas Donatas Ruksenas Donatas Ruksenas

Donatas Ruksenas

Senior 3D Artist

As one of our incredibly talented senior artists, Donatas brings an astute sensibility and sophisticated technical skill set that he has refined over the last two decades.

During his time at Vilnius Academy of Arts, he found 3D was one of the most powerful tools to visualize ideas, and upon leaving with a masters degree in Fine Art and Industrial Design, he has established his career in visualization, with a trained eye for remarkable levels of detail and a flair for capturing beauty. He also applies this passion to his love of travel and photography, with a penchant for exploring abandoned historical buildings.

His experience naturally sets an example of high quality work and places him as a great mentor for up and coming artists within our studio.

Johan Sundberg Johan Sundberg Johan Sundberg Johan Sundberg Johan Sundberg Johan Sundberg Johan Sundberg Johan Sundberg Johan Sundberg Johan Sundberg Johan Sundberg Johan Sundberg Johan Sundberg

Johan Sundberg

Senior 3D Artist

From Stockholm to Sydney, we’ve been fortunate enough to have Johan land at our door and bring another level of amazing skills and expertise to our team.

In the last ten years Johan has become an exceptional 3D artist, inspired by the likes of John Pawson and Vincent Van Duysen.
His passion for visualizations are also largely complimented by an understanding of marketing, design and brand identity.

Having worked previously as an Art Director in advertising, with clients like H&M and IKEA, Johan not only has an array of technical and artistic expertise, but an appreciation for delivering outstanding images that make for impressive presentations everytime. In his spare time Johan enjoys climbing, so it’s no surprise he always has an appreciation of the bigger picture in mind.

Bo Pang (Bobby) Bo Pang (Bobby) Bo Pang (Bobby) Bo Pang (Bobby) Bo Pang (Bobby) Bo Pang (Bobby) Bo Pang (Bobby) Bo Pang (Bobby) Bo Pang (Bobby) Bo Pang (Bobby) Bo Pang (Bobby) Bo Pang (Bobby) Bo Pang (Bobby)

Bo Pang (Bobby)

3D Artist

With a masters in Urban Planning, Construction and complimentary qualifications in Interior Design and Architectural History, Bobby has an advanced understanding of the enormous endeavor that lies at the heart of every development.

His deep interest in architectural photography and realistic rendering have led him to our studios where we are helping to make his dreams of creating imagined spaces into a reality.

As one of our junior 3D artists, Bobby’s knowledge, passion and enthusiasm to learn are proving to be a true asset to our team and he’s quickly establishing himself as an impressive and dedicated new artist. On top of it all he’s also a BBoy – how awesome is this guy!


MOGAMMA offers an array of services designed to package and present developments with an impeccable suite of sales and marketing materials. From still imagery to virtual reality, we are always interested in showcasing projects in a light that excites and holds your attention, for the highest level of engagement.


Sales & Marketing

In a discerning market it’s the details that make all the difference. We take the time to fully understand your projects identity, unique selling points and target audience to create exceptional photo-realistic images for use across all marketing media.

Development Application and Planning

Years of experience with DA planning means we‘re adept at creating imagery that addresses the exacting requirements and key concerns of planning committees and local councils — helping ensure you get the green light to get going.

Architectural Competitions

Tight deadlines and ambitious concepts are no barriers to fully actualizing your architectural competition entries. We thrive on taking bare bones ideas and fleshing them out with minimal management for pitch-winning pictures.

Visual Impact Assessment

Accurate VIA images can be a crucial part of the planning and development approval process. Through experience we have developed in-house techniques that marry accuracy with efficiency. These streamlined processes enable us to turn-around large quantities of images quickly and accurately, in accordance with your state’s latest regulations, and therefore fully fit for legal documentation.


From atmospheric animations to dramatic walkthroughs, moving images lets you show the look and feel of a design in a truly emotive and immersive way. We can manage all elements of film production, organize styling and talent, and incorporate drone and helicopter footage to create compelling films that seamlessly combine both real live footage and CG animation.

Virtual Reality

Nothing shows the exact feeling (and functionality) of an unbuilt space like immersive media. We employ cutting edge virtual and augmented reality technology to create complete immersive experiences that allow your clients to engage and interact with the layout, scale, lighting and detail of your design.

Architectural Photography

Exceptional photo-montages begin with exceptional photography. We have a close working relationship with highly skilled architectural photographers who can deliver the imagery we need as well as shoot time-lapses, panoramas and lifestyle shots for marketing materials.


Art Gallery of NSW
Art Gallery of WA
Arup Group
Aspect Studios
Bates Smart
Central Element
 City of Sydney
Davenport Campbell
Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp
Fender Katsalidis
Fox Johnston
Genton Architects
The GPT Group
Gray Puksand
Hammond Studio
Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences
McGregor Coxall
Spackman Mossop and Michaels
Stewart Architecture
Transport for NSW
The National Grid
Tonkin Zulaikha Greer
UNSW Sydney
Woods Bagot


We are always on the lookout for extraordinary talent. If you would like to become part of our team please e-mail through your CV, cover letter and portfolio (5MB max) to Currently open positions are listed below.

Account manager

— Melbourne, VIC
— full-time position
— start immediately


With great work comes great demand! And this is where you come in. We’re seeking an Account/Production Manager that will build on our creative family and support our team of 5 remote staff (currently 3 in Sydney, 1 in Melbourne and 1 in Montreal). Whilst primarily you will be managing clients and production, due to the close (albeit remote!) nature of our team you’ll have the opportunity to work with the directors and have input across other areas of the business, giving some variety to the usual basics.

This can be broadly broken down to:

— Account management (45%)
— Production management (40%)
— Marketing and business development (10%)
— Studio culture and administration (5%)

The skills and traits the ideal candidate will bring to the role:

— a warm, personable nature
— reliable and responsible work ethic
— ZOOM extraordinaire
— great producing skills and easy to work with
— high level client management skills
— creatively inclined and technically capable
— thorough with exceptional attention to detail
— natural curiosity and willingness to learn
— proactive approach
— pre-emptive in determining client needs
— practical & helpful nature
— ability to juggle multiple projects and competing priorities
— numerical mindset & spreadsheet efficiency
— natural inclination to find efficiencies
— ability to pick up and run with our suite of project, production and accounting apps
— sense of humour


While our ideal candidate will have prior experience in this role within the Architectural visualisation industry, the position would also be considered for candidates with similar experience in other closely aligned industries such as design & marketing, architecture and interior design.

Qualifications/background in Architecture or Interior design are a definite bonus.


— Have a big impact in a small, talented and growing team
— Manage a team of highly talented artists across a hugely diverse range of projects & stakeholders
— Flexible working hours and the ability to work remotely
— Excellent and attentive mentorship
— Travel between Sydney and Melbourne on occasion
— Team get togethers and celebrations


Applications close on 5 August 2022.

Senior 3D Artist

— Melbourne, VIC
— contract position
— start immediately


We are looking for mid-level and senior artists to join our team on a full-time basis. This is also an open call for contractors to help with the current workload. Senior 3D artists will be part of the production team and will be responsible for creating still and moving images
using computers, creating 3D models of products and managing multiple projects while adhering to deadlines.


— Model, textures, light, animate and render 3D scenes, both still and animated to create visual elements for multimedia presentations and products
— Set up cameras and lighting options
— Receive 3D projects and recommend improvements
— Receive feedback and edit creations based on the comments received
— Optimise 3D projects for creating realistic environments
— Work as part of a project team to ensure consistency in quality and file structure
— Take direction from Senior 3D staff and Project Managers in assisting on projects to make sure
everything is running smoothly
— Work together with other production staff to seamlessly deliver finished renderings
— Troubleshooting any problems that may arise during a project
— Meet project deadlines and deliverables
— Adhere to MOGAMMA’s quality standards
— Must be able to live and work in Australia


— Professional experience in 3ds Max, Corona, Adobe Suite
— 4+ years of experience essential
— To be able to create stunning architectural visualization images within given timeframes
— Attention to detail
— Excellent communication
— High level organizational skills
— A degree in architecture and/or interior design not necessary though helpful
— Must be able to work and live in Australia